Monster putt at your event

Whether you're looking for something to spice up your event/fundraiser or looking for some way to help vacation bible school kids learn there memory verses, Monster Putt can help. Be sure to watch our video showing Monster Putt in action. If someone sinks the elusive "hole-in-one" they get there pick of either a trophy or a tee shirt. A fun reward for a ball well putted. 


Guinness World Records

If Monster Putt is set up in a school hallway, church basement, or town hall that measures 188 feet in length, putters can putt for a world record. That's right, the longest putt in the history of golf could happen at your event/fundraiser. If it does, we'll send that person's name and accomplishment to Guinness. No one has made the putt yet, but we know it's bound to happen soon!